September Stuff

Welcome, September!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone! Here's a quick rundown on happenings in and out of the teaching studio this month. Looking forward to adding more QuickStart Guitar students. Just started offering that option this summer. Love it, should've done it sooner. QuickStart is a 2-hour accelerated 1-to-1 lesson. For beginners who are impatient to learn to play ASAP! Sign up for a QuickStart session and you will leave playing cool songs at the end of 2 hours!

Settling into back-to-school routines and schedule adjustments for my school-age students, and looking forward to a happy, productive year of sharing new skills with them. Have a great school year, guitar players!

My fellow boomers are working on adding variety to their strumming, blues improvisation, and fingerstyle techniques like Travis picking. (Don't know what that is? Think Landslide, Dust in the Wind, Don't Think Twice, It's Alright. Lots more.) Learn Travis picking if you don't already know it- you'll get lots of mileage out out it!

In mid-September, a dear West Coast friend I haven't seen in forever is coming to Greenville for a visit. So happy, can't wait!!

Late September, there are several gigs on my calendar, including the Paris Mountain Folk Fest. It's part of the Local Green Family Band scene. Great music at Paris Mountain Amphitheatre. Four Greenville-based musicians playing a 2 hour show of original songs- better go write!

Have a great September, friends!

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