Play What You Love

Unapologetically Retro.

Boomers and retro music lovers, you are mine.

Remember the soundtrack of your youth? Songs you danced to, fell in love to? Songs that kept you alive?

You got your first guitar, dying to play those songs. The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Dylan, James Taylor, Carole King, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Joan Baez...You wanted to play these tunes with your friends. Or on your own. Lose yourself in the music.

If you could just sit down with someone who knew what they were doing and have them show you how. You pestered your folks for lessons and finally got them.

Then your dream turns to a nightmare. The teacher hands you a book with ZERO cool songs. You feel clumsy, your fingertips hurt. And the songs?!? Tell me you are kidding. Because you're not playing any of the sounds that made you want to do this in the first place. The teacher shows off his own skills for half the lesson. Is this supposed to inspire you? Your practicing falls off. That guitar you were dying to play ends up in the closet.

For decades.

Why do teachers kill off the dream so fast, teaching lessons that ignore what you want to play- the songs that make your practice time and money worth it? Why pay for months of lessons before you can play songs you love?


Book a QuickStart Guitar lesson.

First thing we do is make a list of songs and artists you love. That tells me how to teach you. I don't waste your time or money on music you couldn't care less about. We chat for a minute about your schedule and how much practice time is realistic. Then we jump right in. In 2 hours, you'll be playing songs like Peaceful Easy Feeling, Teach Your Children, Twist and Shout.

2 hours. You'll leave playing guitar.

Are you younger? A teen or tween? GenX-er, Millennial? My mind is constantly blown by how much my younger students know and love the songs of the 60s and 70s. But great music didn't stop there. Every generation has its voice. I teach ages 7 through seniors. And I teach the songs that speak to you. Here's a few more you can learn fast- Chasing Cars, Rolling in the Deep, Havana, Renegades.

Boomers! Great music's in our blood. That guitar in the closet- still there?

Waiting on you.

Lesley Diane.

Unapologetically Retro.
Boomers, you are mine.

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