Fun, Effective Beginner Music Lessons for Kids, Adults and Seniors

One of the best gifts you can give your child is the ability to express themselves creatively through music. Start them young and they'll have this gift for a lifetime! I'm fortunate to help kids enjoy fun, happy experiences of making music. As the new school year starts, consider the benefits of including music instruction in your child's activities. You're probably aware of the academic and life skills that tag along with music education. These are valuable benefits. What I love most as a teacher, though, is that there's one more person in the world who loves music and can play it, either for their own enjoyment, stress relief, whatever- or sharing it with their family, friends, at school talent shows, open mics, their own gigs - whatever fits their own personality and goals.

If you missed out on lessons when you were young but you still want to play, just start. I'm a late baby boomer who grew up with the singer-songwriter, folk-rock, pop tunes of the 60s and 70s, and I love teaching fellow members of that tribe. If you're a Woodstocky baby boomer who wants to play guitar, you're mine! I can help you play the songs we've loved since our Levi's were size 8 : ) I know how to get beginners or frustrated players of all ages enjoying the instrument right away, even if you tried before and quit. Come back, try again. Or just start. This time it will stick.

Lesley Diane Guitar

Positive, practical help with beginner guitar or ukulele- or both! 

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